12/20 & 21/21: Moorea Beach Wedding & Back to Tahiti!

Family and friends,

Sorry it’s taken so long to ‘put pen to paper’ so to speak and write this last post on our wonderful trip to French Polynesia in December. Steven and I have been busy planning our next trip to Hawaii and just enjoying hiking and sitting by the pool here in Phoenix so writing the final blog post has definitely taken a backseat! I hope the following photos will bring you as much pleasure as they did me looking back at them and remembering our last couple of days of a magical vacation.

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All the best to you and your loved ones, Annie

On our second-last day not only on the island of Moorea but also during our three-week vacation in French Polynesia, Steven and I returned to our favorite beach, Tahiamanpu, which was located a few miles away from our rental on Cook’s Bay. 

Soon after we arrived, we felt like we were in the middle of a movie being shot when a couple all decked out in wedding attire were being filmed by a photographer on the beach as well as a drone overhead as they swam in the water! 

Guess another take was needed as the couple once again returned to swim in the sun-kissed bay. The couple reminded me of Bo Derek emerging from the water in the film 10!

Once afternoon clouds rolled in, we know our beach time would sadly come to an end on this magical isle because the rain would soon follow.

12/21: Moorea Beach-Pape’ete, Tahiti:

On our last day, I was thrilled to find a Christmas Market that had many local artisans selling some beautiful items.

On our last night on the island, we had enjoyed a good meal at Cook Cafe.

On the hillside just above our rental were lots of mountain goats.

The ferry approaching from Tahiti in the background that we were waiting to take back to Pape’ete, Tahiti’s capital, for the flight to San Francisco in a few hours:

The ferry was decorated like many French Polynesians!

Some photos as we looked back at magical Moorea for our last time as we took the short ferry ride over to Tahiti:

Our three-week sojourn in French Polynesia was mostly the stuff dreams are made of with gorgeous drives around four islands, and more than an introduction to the islands’ history, religion, and culture. Were we ever to return to French Polynesia, Moorea would be our island of choice for its stupendous natural scenery, mesmerizing turquoise-colored water, better selection of restaurants and shops, and the opportunity to snorkel to our hearts’ content.

Next post: Some photos from our long weekend trip to celebrate Steven’s birthday in Palm Springs, California, last month.

Posted on our 40th anniversary, February 20th, 2022, from Phoenix where we came to escape for the entire month from Denver’s much colder weather. Steven and I are so lucky that our son Alexander, his wife, Cory, and 21-month-old daughter, Max, joined us yesterday for a few days.


4 thoughts on “12/20 & 21/21: Moorea Beach Wedding & Back to Tahiti!

  1. Thanks, Phil, for the anniversary wishes! Steven and I certainly felt that we saved the best for last with Moorea being our final destination in French Polynesia although that was only by happenstance, not as a result of great planning on our parts!


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