12/14/21: Picture Perfect Last Day on Bora Bora

Family and friends,
Just a short post about a fun last full day on Bora Bora biking down to the island’s southern tip for what was described as the best beach on the island. A combination of little shade, noisy kids at a day camp next to the beach, and poor snorkeling made us head back to another beach we’d discovered previously and had much preferred. The plus was a great bike ride amid jaw-dropping scenery!

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All the best to you and your loved ones, Annie

After hearing that Bora Bora’s finest beach was at Matira Point by the very plush Intercontinental Resort at the island’s southern tip, Steven and I decided to bike all the way there.

Peggy: I thought of you when I noticed this Route 66 sign on our way down to Matira Point!

Click on the photo below to get a better view of the curvaceous French Polynesian woman atop the Lucky House Restaurant sign by Matira Point!

There was scant shade at Matira Point but it was so pretty lying below this one tree even if, or possibly because, its flowers would drop on us from time to time!

As there was no coral at Matira Point, that meant there were few fish so the snorkeling wasn’t much fun. Add in its being very noisy with a kids’ day camp within feet of the beach that made an easy decision to leave after a couple of hours. 

The hotel’s overwater bungalows were located just a few minutes from the beach so we first checked them out from a respectful distance before heading back north again on our bikes. 

Photos from our ride back to Matira Beach we’d visited a couple of days previously:

We stayed there for the remainder of the day. We took turns snorkeling because we didn’t want to leave our belongings unattended on the beach even though there were very few people there. 

Before dusk, we biked back to the island’s main town of Vaitape to our favorite roulotte aka food truck for dinner. From our experience the past few days, the portions were huge so we finally wised up and split some delicious veal brochettes and a small fries for a very reasonable $9.

Next post: Onto Moorea, our last island visiting French Polynesia.
Posted on January 24th, 2022, from home in Denver as we await the third mini-snowstorm in just ten days. NOT looking forward to shoveling again tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “12/14/21: Picture Perfect Last Day on Bora Bora

  1. I’m not a beach person but I could easily be tempted to spend a day (or two!) on that white sand, especially with the sea so beautiful too 🙂 But give me shade from the sun too please!


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